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UNC AAPS Elections will be held at our September event.

  1.  You must be a National Member in order to be an officer.
  2.  Sign up for our listserv at Contact Information Form
  3.  Send your intent* and which position you’d like to run for to by September 21, 2017.*intent can range from “I’d like to run for Secretary” to a 5 page report on why you think you are best suited for this position.  Letters of intent will be posted on this page as they are received.

Positions available:

President: Elected from the general membership of the Organization, the President will oversee and/or assist in all duties and responsibilities of other cabinet members.  The president will also ensure that all requirements are met for funding by ESOP/GSO and AAPS.  The President will also be responsible for advertisement of events as well as communication with the faculty and staff.

Vice President: Elected from the general membership of the Organization, the Vice President participates in responsibilities identified by the president. The primary role of the VP will be to identify and schedule speakers from industry.  They will form a committee of students from different divisions and will book the speakers for events throughout the year.

Secretary: Elected from the general membership of the Organization, the Secretary will be responsible for the regular communication with the membership as well as maintaining social media and websites, recording of minutes from all scheduled meetings as well as taking/obtaining photos during events and posting them online.

Treasurer: Elected from the general membership of the Organization, the Treasurer will be responsible for obtaining funds for Organization activities, maintaining an accurate record of all financial transactions, and coordinating reimbursements with ESOP/GSO.  The Treasurer will also be responsible for providing refreshments and awards for select meetings.

*All elected positions will also be responsible for training their successor in these duties at the start of the following academic year.


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